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What could this be?

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Hello, had my right ovary taken out last April, of course, menopause kicked in with a vengeance so I started HRT first of August.  Everything has been fine.  I did start an anti-anxiety med about 1 month ago.  About 2-3 weeks ago I started to have sharp pain in the lower pelvis (about where my ovaries are) - they only last a couple of seconds but can have multiple ones a day.  One day it will be on one side and then it is on the other side.  I could understand the pain on the left side since I still have that ovary but what's up with the right side?  Also almost 2 weeks ago I started spotting and this has been going on daily.  I haven't had a period since March and only 2 periods in the past 18 months (since my appendix cancer dx).  I'm on continuous Progesterin and my doctor didn't expect I would have any more periods.  I've been on the HRT almost 5 months with no bleeding/spotting and now this all of a sudden.  Called the gyn who said it would be ok to wait a couple of weeks to see what happens but may need an ultrasound then.  Great... seems I make it about 8-9 months and something else happens.  I told her last time that if we have to go back in then I'd rather have a complete hysterectomy so we don't have to take things out piece by piece :(.  Meanwhile, my sick time at works suffers - and, of course, my insurance deductible starts anew 1/1/13 and it was raised for 2013.... grrrrrr   Oh well, things could be worse.  I don't expect this is cancer, just wondering if the new med is the cause of this....

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Hi, Ruffy:

Not sure what the cause of your pain could be, but given your history I say it warrants a follow-up.  May I ask why you had the ovary removed?  If for ovarian cancer, why did they not do a complete hysterctomy then?  Sounds like you are young I'm guessing, due to only one ovary being removed AND HRT.  It's also important to have this follow-up, because in most OVCA cases, HRT is not advisable.

Hope you feel better, soon.  Please let us know what you find out.

(((HUGS))) & Prayers,


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Some is adhesions, but some of the pain is similar to the ovulation pain I used to get - stabbing there.  It's always best to ask, but hopefully it is nothing more than a rebellious body following surgical abuse.

Keep us posted,


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I'm 52, like to think that's young but it's all relative :).  The ovary was removed because the mass was complex, solid and the ultrasound couldn't tell more than that, also because of my history with appendix cancer.  Gyn told me that a hysterectomy at that time would be "overkill".  The endometrial stripe was also in the grey area as to whether it was serious or not.  The d&c and hysteroscopy were benign but, from my surgical report, due to severe cervical stenosis (and retroverted uterus), I don't think either of these procedures were very helpful or complete.  Gyn's report of the surgery stated that she "considered" checking out the endometrium by going through the uterus during laparoscopy but "decided that due to the low chance of me having endometrial cancer and not wanting to injure the uterus" she decided against it - that was 8 months ago. 

So is spotting for almost 2 weeks concerning?  I still think it seems too coincidental that this (pain and spotting) started about a week after I up'd the anti-anxiety med (Viibryd). 

Thanks for your ideas and support! :)  Judy



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