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anyone know what bone mets feels like

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Hi everyone! I am new to the discussion board. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what bone mets feels like? In July 2011 I was diagnosed with a 5.2cm mass, it attached but did not penetrate the chest wall, It did spread to the skin and only 1 node was positive. IDC er/pr-, her2+++, stage 3a. I did 12 weekly doses of taxol/herceptin, 6 AC every two weeks. 35 rads, another 15 does of herceptin every 3wks, double masc, reconstruction using thigh muscles(rare). I just finished my herceptin about a month ago and was released for a 3month return visit. I have been getting intense pain and constant soreness in very specific spots on my ribs. It hurts all the time.  My right shoulder and hip hurt as well. I feel like a hypochondriac and don't want to call my onc since it's only been a few weeks since I was released. I also have lupus so the hip pain could easily be that. I get alot of bone pain from the lupus, although this is soooo specific to certain spots that I am very nervous. I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what bone mets feel like. I have looked online and can only find "bone pain." I was thinking maybe I should go to regular GP and ask for a chest xray. I would really appreciate any input. Thank you.

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My mets are in my lungs and spine. The pain that I had in my back was very intense. Once I started chemo it went away with the first treatment. Thankful for that. It felt very deep and very intense. I think since you are having pain you should have it checked out. Don't put it off. Even if it has only been a few weeks Let your Dr know your having this pain. And if it turns out to be some thing else then you will feel better. And can get some thing for the pain. Either way you shouldn't have to be in pain. Call your Dr...I wish you all the best. Your in my prayers darlin.

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After holidays call your oncologist office andale am appointment tell them on the phone that you have intense pain they might schedule your ct scans prior your visit

Good luck 

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Ladies thank you so much for your responses. I will wait till the end of this week and if the pain is not getting better I will call my Dr. I am hoping it is just a flare up from my lupus (amazing that I am actually hoping for a flare up haha). I wish you all a happy and healthy 2013 with many many more to comeLaughing

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