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Pain in shoulder and wrist nerve damage?

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Can someone please help me with this my husband has spent the last two weeks in the hospital with pain in his arms and shoulders that is unbearable.  Our general md thinks it is nerve damage however, the oncologist seems to not by that it is nerve damage.  Has anyone experience and if so what did you do?





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Sorry to hear about your husband's situation. I had difficulty and discomfort in one shoulder but nothing like you are describing. Physical therapy resolved my issue. I don't recall reading any postings on such pain but maybe someon will chime in. Hopefully, your husband will get a quick dx and relief soon.

Kent Cass
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Ulnar nerve runs from the spine across the shoulder and down the arm to the little finger's tip, and if there were rads applied to the base area of the Cervical area of the spine- perhaps the pain is the result of damage/changes in the spinal area with that nerve, or maybe another matter that has left a spot on that nerve, or another, exposed to aggravation. I have been told recently that arthritis has developed between 5&6 and 6&7 of my Cervical, and the rads have been noted as a possible cause- though I've had problems with the Ulnar dating back to some 6 years before my first rad. Could also be your case- that a problem already existed, to a degree, and tx furthered that problem to a larger degree.



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Pam M
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Hoping docs can come up with a plan to fight the pain.

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Had chemo?rad treatment August 2011 for B.O.T & lung cancer.Had numbness in both arms and hands since then. In Dec. of last year pain in shoulder and arms

started with pain that sent me to the Hosp.they thought I was having heart problems and 2 days later after many test they said my heart was good. The pain was greatest during any activity. Just walking caused my arms to really go numb--even more than normal--then the pain started--mostly in the shoulder and chest. It was so bad I had to sit down for a bit--within a few min. the pain would go away. I have nfound nothing yet to address this except asprin hot bath and time. It's been just about two month's now and the pain is not as severe as the begining

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