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Has anybody experienced a lot of pain due to the extent of their disease while still being treated? My  mother has a lot of uppe ab pain/pressure - and I am hoping that if/when chemo shrinks things, the pain will subside, and her appetite will increase.

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My journey has been somewhat different from your mom's.  Once I was diagnosed, I had surgery and then chemo.  I had some abdominal pain and a ton of bloating prior to surgery but after surgery, the only pain I really experienced was from being cut open, abdominally.  I'm so sorry your mom is suffering.  I too hope and pray that her pain will subside with chemo.

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Im sorry i dont have an answer for you I just have alot of thoughts and prayers for you and your mother. This is such a hard thing for all of us to go through. Ive seen your posts and wish i had an answer  for you. My thoughts are only to continue to ask questions everytime you see your moms Dr. and keep asking until you get answers or results! My personal experience after surgery was alittle painful only because they did not tell us that during surgery they inserted a port below the breast so everytime i sat up i had terrible pain noone knew why. i complained until we got answers(needless to say they had to remove that port and put a new one in my right side) I also was put on a morphine pack (dont know the medical name for it). I will keep you in my Prayers and hope your mom starts to feel better

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