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Neuroendocrine breast cancer - spread to other other parts, need any help you can share

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My wife got rare form of breast cancer - i.e neuroendocrine tumor in breast with sarcomoid component 2 years back.

She went through chemo+radition masactomy. Now cancer recoccured spread to other parts of body like liver, lungs and bone. It is very aggressive cancer with neuroendocrine features. She is going through treatment in Dallas, Texas. She is taking treatment - Carobplatin.

I want to ask any help or any additional information anybody can provides w.r.t:

- Any new treatments or advanced treatment for this kind of case?

- Any clinical trials that might help

- I see in boards, Europe has better treatment. But it doesn't provide any additional info - who is best in this kind of case?

- I also see - Mayo, MD Anderson may have better care. They are so big hospitals I am afraid I will get lost. If I don't know who is best doctors who specialize in this kind of rare case. Anybody can share any sucess story or any info that might help?

Please help to provide any additional info you might have that might help in this case. I am fine taking and spend anything required anywhere, if it helps.



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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You clearly care deeply about your wife.  I don't know anything about your wife's cancer but it sounds like you are doing your research, and that is important.

The Dana Farber institute is also well respected.  Dr. Cristofanilli (spelling) at Fox Chase in Philly is considered the leading expert ininflammatory breast cancer.  You might try an email to him and see if he can recommend someone who is experienced with that specific cancer.

Best of luck to you and your wife.  Come back and let us know how she's doing.



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