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Strange feeling in neck/throat following thyroid removal

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Hi folks. In April 2011,  a tumour was found in the right side thyroid, and removed. Having found it to be cancerous, next month the surgeon removed the rest of the thyroid and some lymph nodes. I attended for RIA shortly after, but was rejected as my levels were too high, despite 2 months on the iodine free diet. I finally had a scan in October 2011, and the result was that they found a small piece of right hand thyroid tissue, hiding behind the carotid artery. This was removed in March 2012, and I had successful RAI in April. Subsequent blood tests have all had satisfactory results. Unfortunately, I now have a sensation of "something" in my neck, behind the scars, which feels like something growing there. I am to have another scan, in the new year, and will get the results in May (unless something drastic is found!), as I am subject to UK National Health Service, which is free but oh so slow. The assumption, by the doctor, is that it may be a hernia on the inside of the wound, especially as I have had three cuts at the same point, but will have to wait for the scan results.


Anyone else experienced a similar "feeling", following their op?

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