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I saw the doc today.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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He thinks the shingles are back, and both ears are infected.  So I have antibiotics and an anti viral.   Hopefully, we caught the shingles early enough and there will be less pain.  I'm kind of bummed about it and very very tired of all this.

Even so, I wish us all a healthy and happy 2013.



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You need a break my poor sweet sister. I am so sorry you have to go through this. Enough is enough!!  Prayers and hugs! 


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I'm so sorry Linda, You have been through so very much. I pray the pain isn't as bad and goes away quickly for you.

You are in my prayers as you always are. Your in my thoughts sweetheart. Praying for pain free days darlin..

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Nothing else I can say, Linda -- so NOT the "Happy New Year" we wanted to hear for you.

Big hug to you,


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That is a bummer, Linda.  I hope that the doctor either caught them early or that he is mistaken and it was just some weird aberration.  I hope that 2013 treats you much better than 2012.  Here is to a kinder and gentler New Year.

All the Best,


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I don't blame you Linda for being bummed.  Can't they give you that darn vaccine?  Why is that age related anyway?

Does anyone know?  

I had a bout of fibromyalgia and then after several months when it finally went away, inverse psoriasis came back.  That one is autoimmune disease but I do have the right stuff to make it go away.  I remember telling my sister (who also has the same conditions) all I need now is a case of shingles.  (We both have had shingles, hers were worst than mine).  Shingles did not return and I need a paper from the oncologist to state that I can have the shingle shot on Faslodex. Thought I could but my word is not the final one.  

Wishing you a quick response Linda.  A better New Year to you and may 2013 be good to us all.



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Gabe N Abby Mom
Posts: 2415
Joined: Sep 2010

Doris, the vaccine is a live virus and since I already have a live virus in my system there is no point to the vaccine for me.  Plus my onc doesn't want me to have any live virus vaccine...ie no flu shot, while I'm on chemo.

Right now, there is not a lot of pain and no shingles blisters yet.  But I do have some jumpy nerves and my eye is very swollen.   I'm not letting that little bit slow me down much.  I do have a daily nap though....

Thank you all for your concern, it's so much easier to deal with knowing you guys have my back.



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