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Dropping by to say hi

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I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I have thought about everyone and miss our daily posts.  I have had a lot less time to devote to posting to the forum, but I have been reading most everything.  David is feeling more himself the last couple of days and he even went upstairs for a shower today.  It is nice to see him being more normal.  He ate a serving of ice cream today and it warmed my heart.  I know we were told that his counts would get better and he would feel better until he starts chemo again.  Of course it sucks that he will have chemo once every week 3 out of 4 weeks and then do it all again the rest of his life.  He will be taking Bortezomib, dexamethasone and cyclophasmide.

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Hi Vivian,


It is always nice to see you post.  I am glad you described the day as “more normal”, that is a phrase we each can understand.  I am always hoping David’s body will get (somewhat) use to the chemo so that it won’t be so hard on the two of you.  Enjoy the long weekend.





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Pam M
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Who would have thought that we'd one day strive for "more normal"?  Glad he's closer to normal; hope he keeps in that direction.  You, too.

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on your blog.  I think getting David home was a godsend.....


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... but I've been reading every single post you make and thinking about you and David each day!! I am happy that you two can have this peaceful time together at home and that he feels a bit better now. It's nice to have a break from all this ordeal you are dealing with. Still praying for a miracle and still praying that you two can have a good time togehter!

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It's such a comforting word. I'm happy to see you used it in your post. I've been keeping up with your posts in the caringbridge as well. Sound like things are going well. Keep the faith! Always thinking of you two.


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So glad you did stop by...but also glad you are spending some quality time with David ...I keep up with your caringbridge site .......

Ice Cream...YUMMM ...tell David I'm glad he was able to enjoy that lovely treat.  For some reason I still don't do well with ice cream, doesn't hurt...just doesn't taste like it used to for me :)



Tim  ....

Oh...so glad too David is home ...

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Hi Vivian, please do not fret about not posting much. Your first priority is taking care of you, so you can take care of David. I am so glad he has been able to come home, and not surprised to hear you say "he is more himself" as that is exactly what home will do to someone who is battling from the hospital bed VS being in bed at home. Hopefully his memories about homelife will give his attitude an uplifting effect, that will be a major player to help him to heal up and recover.

You are an inspiration to me, and your posts give me the extra little boost I need on tough days.


God bless, and prayers and positive mojo headed your way.


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Had to smile to myself reading your post and recalling how the smallest things on the return to normal meant so much. The 1st shower, the 1st outing, the 1st trip downstairs to do my own laundry.....they all add up. Best wishes to you and David in 2013! 

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Your post made me happy!

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