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Very Tough prognosis my days here are numbered

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Thank you all for this great site & all the great people on the bus. It looks like my time on bus will be a few weeks or months. I am home in Minnesota after being in hospital at Salt Lake City over Christmas. They found that cancer has returned & is wrapping around my caratoid arteries, and part of my spine is exposed due to radiation destroying tissue. I have been ok and have medicine for pain, my emotions are all over the place from hour to hour so a little tough right now. Sorry for the rambling I get a little carried away at times. My family is with me and more are coming tomorrow so I am in good hands. Hospice care has been here and has got everything set up for me so I don't have to worry. My wife Coleen has been awesome as always and is keeping me very happy during this tough time. Doctor won't give me an exact day as they don't know but I am terminal and hope to last a few more months. The care at the Univerity of Utah Hospital was top notch & I would recommend it to anyone, very clean place that didn't feel like a hospital. I would go in to more detail but if you want that please go to my carryingbridge site under Randy Sewick.

Take care Randy

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Randy, I hate to hear that hospice has had to be called in, but they are a great organization.  I hope you will have your miracle too.

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That is crushing news to see in black and white on the screen.  We get a lot of good-ending stories on this site, so one like yours reminds us long-time survivors just how lucky we are to still be alive.  For what it's worth, when people ask me if I ever question why I got cancer, I say "No.  I question why I am able to survive when so many other cancer patients don't."  We all fight bravely, but not all make it through.  I hope your remaining time is filled with much love from those who will be around you the rest of your way.



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I am sorry for the way this is playing out, but I am happy you are surrounded by so much love.  My prayers are with you.


Your friend,



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if there is power in thoughts and prayers, you have it from us.

blessings to you and your family. you're a strong guy, surrounded by a great family.

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Pam M
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Painful to hear - I so wish you didn't have to say it.  I am glad that you are home.  If Hospice there is anything like it is here in Kentucky, they will be a wonderful addition to your team. 

Glad, too, that you have good meds to help.  I am asking for help for you and yours, and some relief from mental suffering.

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I have been reading your Caringbridge blog since early this evening....starting at the beginning.  It just feels right somehow for me to know you better....thanks for letting us in to do that.  I'm pretty much at a loss for words, except to tell you I'm praying for strength, for you and your family. 


PS...I love the stories of your childhood! 

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D Lewis
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My thought are with you and your family at this time.  I am happy to hear that you are at home and surrounded by loving family and friends.


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I hope you and your family are able to enjoy as much quality time as possible. May God be with you always.


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I am on a parallel road. My road may be a bit longer; however, it is going to the same place. I think we both have a few more good experiences along the way. At least, I hope that is true for both of us. One of my blessings is that I have had my eyesight restored following cataract surgery. So I can once again enjoy reading.

Glad to hear that the pain meds are working. That is a very good fact for someone like me to know. Rick.

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It just shows how strong you are to blog such an upbeat description of what you are going thru.  Im so glad you are surrounded by friends and family and will try to stay strong.  God Bless You and your family.

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words cannot express the way I feel reading your message~~~enjoy your remaining time, and know God is waiting on you~~~what a day that will be when our Jesus you will see, He will take you by the hand and lead you to a better land, what a day, glorious day that will be. Love & Peace

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Randy I haven't been on here for a while, glad to read that you are surrounded with family and a supported by your wife. I worked for Hospise in  2000 and they are a great organization. my prayers are to you and your family. God bless bjw1955

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Randy, you are obviously a warrior and your words and actions just enforce that.

There are no words that I can say that seem to be the right ones.

I am truely happy that you are at peace, and have your family and support system in place.

I do believe in miracles, when all is said and done, miracles do prevail. I hope that one will find a place in your future.


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It hurt to read your post, when one of our family hurts, we all do.  I'm glad to see you surrounded by family and your words (to me) show strength.

Like John (skiffin) I too believe in miracles, I know none of us can go on forever, but as I often say to myself, I refuse to give up, I will not give in (in believing for those miracles).  Your obviously a fighter as well as a practical person...I still have you on my prayer list and there you will stay!!

Do keep us posted. 

Whispered a prayer for you as well as your family (I know when we were all first diagnosed we all worried about our family and how this would affect them too) ....tomorrow I put you on my church prayer list as well. Coleen (sp) on there too!!

Keeping you tucked in that there will be a trial, miracle or something good coming your way.



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Randy, if there is anything good you can take out of this, the fact that you have family to support you, and carry on your legacy, that is something that allot of people in the same situation do not have. I like John, (skiffin) believe in miracles, as I feel like I had a miracle happen to me recently, and am not giving up hope that a miracle will happen to you.

Prayers and positive thoughts from my family to you and your family.


God bless


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Your news saddens me. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Find strength in the Lord.



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Randy I am facing the same thing with my prognosis. My cancer just returned after almost six years. I have been offered a radical operation to remove mine this time  but I am choosing not to have this. I have battled hard for almost six years now from side effects from radiation and chemo and just do not have a lot of fight left in me. I have a great support group around me with my wife, my family, my friends and my church family. Many prayers are being lifted up for healing and if it is God's will I can be once again healed. If God is ready to take me and I ready to be with him. I have contacted my local Hospice but have not used any of their services thus far. My prayer is that this type cancer we have can be treated differently so it will not have such devastating side effects. I love this web site and have received a lot of help and encouragement on here. I pray that anyone reading this who is suffering from this horrible cancer be completely healed of it and can live as good a life as they possibly can. I have lost friends and family to cancer and have heard the word terminal many times before. It is difficult to hear anytime but when it said to you it is more difficult to hear. My prayers go out to you.

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I'm so sorry to hear this news. I do however believe in miracles and I am praying for one right now. I will add you to my prayer list and keep you there.

Kent Cass
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I am very sorry to read this. If you have lost hope, Randy, and the Positive is gone, then I hope and Pray you go in peace and as painless as possible. We have lost others over the years, as John, Deb and others who've been around awhile are well aware of, and that is a reminder as to the base fact of what unites us- that we are/were people with a positive diagnosis of C, and the lethal seriousness of C. Of all the side-effects of tx which get discussed, the one great side-effect is life, itself. However, that is not guaranteed. All we can do is fight the best fight possible, along with the help of our Med team, and then it's come what may. Your news saddens us all, and know you are in all our thoughts and Prayers.



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It is really sad to hear of the return of the cancer. Wherever your path goes, know family and friends care and wish only the very best and comfort for you.


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prayers going out for you, Coleen and family. 

may your days be filled with smiles and peace!




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