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Oh I forgot to mention in Braved It--Shaved It

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I forgot to tell you friends something.  After I got my head shaved I went home.  I waited for my husband to come home for lunch.  He did and he had gone and had his head shaved too.  What a guy!!! How supportive and caring was that.  I cried. 

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Awe how sweet. You should take pics of the baldie twins.

I wish i could ask mine to do that, but he would just laugh and tell me how pointless that is since he has been bald as an egg since he was 17 :-)

But what a great guy you have there Pat

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When my hair started looking like the last stage of the 'Portrait of Dorian Grey', we had a 'clipper party' at the barn.  Son used the horse clippers on me  and then he and our other "Sons" (his friends who have called me Mom for YEARS and are all REAL 'cowboys') took turns using the clippers on each others.  Hubby did not clip his but then he still keeps his hair (what he still has) in 'military cut' anyway.

Wokiksuye cankpe opi

(Remember Wounded Knee - Dec 29, 1890)




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Alexis F
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What a supportive hubby!  Thanks for sharing this with us.



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