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Re-occurance question

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Has anyone had a re-occurance in their diaphram? Going for a biopsy next week. Wondering what to expect. More chemo? Taxol again, or a different kind? Radiation or surgery? The first 6 rounds of taxol seemed to work really good and my ca 125 was down to 8, but it didnt last long. Already after 3 rounds of the low dose Taxol from the trial its up to 44 and ct scan shows thickening. Just wondering if anyone had a similar experience? Hoping everyone has a healthier new year!

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Hi Shannon,
I haven't been told specifically that the cancer has spread to my diaphragm but I was in the ER the day after Christmas with horrible pain. I had a CT scan. The ER DR said I had a lot of thickening in the area so it could include the diaphragm but will let you know. My DR has been out of town. I have been put on heavy duty pain meds and hope to get some answers on Wed. We ( me and my DR) were talking about putting me on a weekly low dose of Taxol. Not sure if this is still the plan but I don't think the Topotecan is working for me. I hope you get to see your boys grow up to men. I understand that completely. Wishing you a happier HEALTHIER New Year! Michele

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