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"Can Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Be Cured?"

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You might have to be a member of site to access (free to join) and i haven't read all of it yet (lengthy) but some might find it useful:



seems if mets limited to one organ,esp liver,with a good team,........


as usual,lots of other stuff on CRC research from all over

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a few bit and pieces very interesting, it highlights the risk i am taking doing my german therapies in some senses.

at least i have good knowledge of treatment options.



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I am not sure are you asking or telling us something... 

the article doesn't really make any significant new facts. regarding Mets...

The usual thought practice is that mets can only really just be controlled and not cured..they live microscopicly so the most you can hope for is to control what is presenting and maybe they may die and may disappear but the patient should be aware they are going to return at sometime in some fashion when cannot be determined.. This was the take away  I recieved from many sources .... simplified in my terms of course.. I guess if I really wanted to be straight forward and the drs didn't want to hide the ideas. what they were trying to say was " we know what is going on your death certificate" we know what you are going to die from. What I learned when my mom died was that it isn't the cancer so much that kills - it is the complications cancer causes...

I am afraid I am not seeing what you are seeing in this article.. if you want to spell it out ... please do...  none of the drugs mentioned are new they have been working with them for years here in the US... to varying degrees....


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treatment options that not all people may have been aware of,plus offers a site to check out for those so interested ....

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Because the article doesn't specify number of mets and other info, it was more scary than helpul to me. 

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particular site that might be more useful or informative,.....


PS:for  those so interested you can ask for a hardcopy of NCCN Guidelines for Patients (Colon Cancer) or check it online at:nccn.com

(National Comprehensive Cancer Network-.com for patients;.org for clinicians)


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