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Braved it and SHAVED it

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I took the brave step today and had my head shaved.  It was 15 days after my first chemo treatment.   My hair had become so thin and it was falling out anywhere and everywhere.  It was gross.  Having it shaved was actually a relief from the mess.  I already had a wig so I was ready.  Any suggestions for taking care of your scalp?  Any recommendations of shampoo or special treatments? Thanks friends.


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I just buzzed mine, didn't actually shave it because I am something of a bleeder and was afraid of nicking the scalp. I still shampoo with head and shoulders, even though there's not much there except a little stubble here and there, and it's unlikely I'll get dandruff any time soon. It's kind of nice though not having dandruff. Being a man I opted for no wig, however I can totally understand one from a woman's point of view (especially after all the herceptin I've had...LOL). I totally know what you mean by being gross, all the clups of hair coming out was just intolerable. I had facial hair too, a goatee and it was looking REAL ragged so I shaved it. It's kind of nice not having to shave but maybe every couple weeks for the few stubbles that show up. The only place I have hair except for the patches on my head is on my chest. It is SO weird!

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Hi Pat!


Wow, ok well hope you find help for your scalp, cant help, but will be watching. I have not seen you here or heard from you in a few days, so wondering how you have been. How does the wig look? and how are you feeling?


Hope you are doing ok..



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Hi Pat,

i have very sensitive skin so I wanted to make sure I did not create one more problem for myself when my hair was gone. I chose to use baby shampoo and did not have any issues at all. Good luck!

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You have been in my thoughts and I am so glad you took this bravely.  One big step done. I stii miss the hair but I am getting comfy with the wigs and the hats and hope that you will too. You take care and goodluck with the second. My prayers and hugs to you Pat!

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My chemo nurse stressed how sensitive the skin on a newly-bald scalp is, and suggested using baby shampoo, which I did all through chemo.  Nothing fancy -- just Johnson's Baby Shampoo from the drugstore.

Also keep your eye out for any itchy red bumps on your scalp, which can be folliculitis.  Not everybody has this issue, but if you do, tell your doctor right away -- they have prescription creams that clear it up quickly, but of course they work better if started early.

(One of the women here mentioned that the prescription they gave her was for a foam, not a cream, and that it felt like putting whipped cream on her head....I'm still convinced she just had chemo brain, and was actually putting whipped cream on her head -- so hey, you might try that! :-) :-) :-)


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Pat, I didn't have chemo, but from what I've heard from others that did, they used baby shampoo.


Hugs, Kylez

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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You're right, it is a brave step.  I felt much better after buzzing my head, no more hair everywhere.  And that 'wore my hair in a too tight pony tail for too long' feeling went away too.

This is the third time I've been bald, and I've never found anything better than Johnson's baby shampoo.  I still buy the smallest bottle, because I need so little.  I also keep hoping I'll get my thick hair back and will need regular shampoo again....maybe I'll try whipped cream.  LOL.



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You are brave!  I remember someone posting on here about using a lint brush, I think, on her head after she shaved it.  Does anyone remember why she used it?  I thought it might be helpful if someone could remember.

Hugs, Jan

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Also 15 Days After First Chemo Just Pulled Out Most With A Glass Of Wine And Had My Husband Shaved The Rest

It Was Not As Bad As I Thought. It Feels And Looks Real Funny But I'm Going With It (The Husband Said He Likes It And That Helps)

I Think I Will Also Try Some Baby Oil.

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Wishing you good luck with your treatments!


Hugs, Diane

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Hi, I did not shave my head, but had my head clipped to the closest level. I still had a few areas that never completely fell out, but close.

I use a homemade soap that I purchase at my local farmers market. It is mainly oatmeal and honey. I have been using this soap for a couple of years on my skin, and it has really helped my skin stay soft. My scalp stayed soft and I did not have any problems at all with it.

I used the soap on my head unitl a few weeks ago when my hair reached about 1/2 inch all around.

Also, if you like hats as I do, you can have alot of fun with different styles if you get tired of your wig.

Good luck with all your treatments.

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I want to wish you good luck with your chemo and to keep us updated on how you're doing.  Praying that you will have no side effects from it.



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