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FINALLY : follow up lung scan tomorrow :)

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Hey All,


Gosh I think I have talked aobut this so much "about to happen" ...but tomorrow's FINALLY the day.  The first denial came from insurance bc I was in Seattle, not my normal treatment center, as I flew out the next day back to Boise (while on the plane) the approval came in ...grrr.  LOL....then the weather prevented me from getting through the passes and canyons on Dec. 17th..plus we had to move the approval for the scan back to my treatment center in Boise...now Hooray...tomorrow they have approved me to get my scan at the local (small but efficient) St. Lukes in McCall (where I live) at 10 am MST ....

....so if you don't mind, please whisper a prayer all comes back good and clean on my lungs....and of course well wishes are welcome.

The Holidays have been busy and I am exhausted...but I'm drinking plenty of water tonight (doc says that is good with a CT w/ contrast) ....


Thank you,



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Hi Tim,


I wondered what happened in Seattle? 


I have faith that your scan results will all be clean.  There just has to be some positive outcomes for going through radiation and Erbitux.


Oregon prayer warrior,



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Let's hope the scan shows nothing threatening. There are enough of us with lung metastases to satisfy the statistics. We don't need another. Stay healthy, will you. Rick

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prayers being sent.  Ok...so...FINALLY you get to have your scan....man, you had to work hard to get it, and now all that work is paying off :).  I believe right to my toes that it's going to come back NED....


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You have the Lord holding you in his hand, Phrannie's got you in her pocket and your CSN family has your back. Prayers coming your way for the "all clear" scan.



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Tim, prayers, positive thoughts, good mojo ETC ETC is headed your way.

Remember my ordeal, my first scan 6 weeks into my chemo showed no shrinkage of my tumors, and my second scan 6 weeks later revealed an "all clear" result.


All the best, and I cannot wait for the good news. I just believe.



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I'll even shout a prayer for you friend....

That CT contrast will give you that warm fuzzy for sure.

Best ~ John 

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I've been thinking and praying for your concerns with this matter. I will continue to pray for good news and peace to come of this.

Hang in there and keep the faith my friend.



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Praying that the scans are cleaning.  Also that you will feel peace throughout your day.

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You are a loving, kind man..time to tell you, I'm praying for you and negative scan..let us know

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You bet the prayers are on there way you are a special man with a special family and deserve nothing but the best.  So get that clean scan and get back to chopping wood and keeping an eye on the family tolits. 

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Leave them damn Wolves alone...the Native Americans are trying to warn you....susel

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