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Ok someone that has knowledge on this site.  How do you keep a certain type of font and font size without having to manually change it everytime you post?  That's my first question, but I'm sure there are more to come.

Thanks!  Kim

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I was wondering the same thing. Unlike Microsoft Word there seems to be no way to save your preferences. If there is, the option is well hidden

I am also still waiting to be able to set up favorites again to reduce getting here by one step particularly since access is not much better most times I try to get on.

If anyone knows the secret to this...clue us in!

Marie who loves kitties

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Posts: 6682
Joined: Feb 2009

Still waiting to see if someone has a solution to this tiny little itty bitty font size that it defaults to.  I want something bigger


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So much easier to read! I don't have to tilt my head back to look through the bottom of my bifocals. And I remember to change it sometimes, but not always. And I am finding the site to be just as slow as before. I was hoping it would be faster.


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Slower than slow....

Well what I can advise is the site is probably slower because of the availablity to format... I am postive that is cutting into the bandwidth.

What I know about ACS --- they use a network to provide their sites that is just horrible.. there probably is not enough bandwidth in their network avialable as that would cost money and I believe the network provider discounts for ACS. All their sites suffer from disfunctional slowness.. The Relay site is horrible. But all in all I would rather ACS spend their money helping people in the real world more than the virtual world... Smile

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gosh....I have not been able to get this site for so long.....just not workin for me at all....sorry .....just don`t get it

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