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Lymph node removed and questions about blood pressure

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I had one lymph node removed and now am curious about what I am reading about blood pressure and shots and blood draws.  Do I have to avoid doing those things if I only had one removed?

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I am not a doctor, so I can't tell you what to do. I will tell you that I had only about two sentinel nodes from each side, and one axillary node on the right side. I have bilateral lymphedema and truncal lymphedema. I think it is recommended that you NOT get any blood pressures or needle sticks in the side that nodes were removed.

I think it is much easier to prevent it by not getting needle sticks or bps in the affected arms, legs, what ever body part. LE sucks. Why take a chance getting it?

I think there are A LOT of doctors out there that aren't educated enough to realize that even having ONE node removed can put someone at risk for LE.

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got lymphodema right away. I do not have anything done on the side that they were removed from. Most of the drs. I have seen ask about it as soon as they know that I have been through treatment. I would not take the chance if I were you and just make sure you use the other arm when the need arises.



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I had two lymph node disections on level 1 the first time and the 2nd time 4 years later to remove a large tumor, all of level 2 nodes were removed along with some on level 3, four bouts of cellulitis.   I never allow anyone to touch that arm.  No blood pressure, no blood draw and I protect it as though it was a piece of the finest porcelain ever made.

Am a hard stick and finding a vein in my one arm is difficult.  I have walked before allowing anyone to touch it.  When I am in the hospital, the IV is put in the good arm and blood pressure is taken from my foot, so is blood.

I recently noticed after 18 years, I have lympedema.  I will seek out someone in the new year but right now it isn't bad.  I never really looked in the mirror about my arms.  A few weeks ago, I did and was surprise to notice that the left arm was very much larger than the right.  You don't want this condition, it is life long, there is no fix that will cure it.

Just treat your arm as though it is your most prized possession and truthfully it is.






Pink Rose
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Even with 1 node removed,you should avoid them.  I wouldn't want to chance it if I were you.

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I have a friend who deals with leg lymphedema - she had no nodes removed, just very minor knee surgery.   ANY surgery can result in' problems' as there is some cutting done even when small area involved.

I deal with LE and wear my day and night garments all the time along with using my Flexi-Touch (MLD machine) daily.  I am a VERY active and 'outdoor' old woman.   The more active I am - the less issues I have.  I refuse to be defined as someone who can't do what they enjoy doing because they are an IBC survivor or have/might develope LE - life is to be lived and enjoyed for every moment we have as far as I'm concerned.

No I do not allow BP or blood draws in that arm.  

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You really shouldn't have anything done with that arm, no shots, blood draws or blood pressure taken.  Lymphedema can happen at any time, so, you need to be careful with the arm that the node or nodes were taken from. 



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or Iv since I had my breast removed .I was told not to .

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I was told also to not have any blood draws, blood pressure or shots in the arm where I had my node removed.  Be sure and talk to your oncologist about this.

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