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Chenheart? have you heard from her?

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I wonder how she is doing and do not see recent posts.  I know it has been a hard year for her.

As one of my first connections on this board, I think of her often.

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about her too! I hope she is doing better.



New Flower
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Thank you for your post. It has been almost impossible to post lately. Spell check is not working, you have to excuse me. 

Claudia has been undergaing various Chemo treatment for 15 months now. She had one 6 weeks break from last March. As a result She has neuropaty and limited ability typing. Her PET Scan results which she got yesterday showed no improvement, therefore doctor has changed her Chemo again from Gemzar to Navalbine.  Please keep Claudia and her family in your thoughts and prayers as they have been going through a very difficult time.

New Flower

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on our BELOVED ChenHeart.  I can not imagine what her life is on continuous chemo infusion.  My heartfelt prayers, thoughts and HOPE is with Chen and her family during this time.

Again, thank you for the update Olga.


Vicki SamKiss

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Jean 0609
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Sending prayers and hugs to Chenheart and her family.




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I think of her so often - keeping her in all my prayers - sending love




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Thank you, Olga for the update on Claudia.  I am so very sorry to learn that Gemzar was not helpful for her.




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thank you and please let her know that she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.



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I was so scared and she was just so comforting.  I think of her often and Pray for her and her family always. May God keep her close.


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to her and her family. She is quite the warrior and such an inspiration! 


Hugs and prayers,



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Chen your always in my prayers and thoughts. I pray the new chemo works better for you.. Feel good & stay strong darlin.

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Please let Chenheart know that we are thinking of her and hoping that the drs find a chemo cocktail that works for her and that we are so sorry for her suffering from neuropathy. How terrible for her! She was and is such a rock here on CSN.

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Thank you for the update on dear Claudia.  She and her family are in my prayers. 

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I too surely miss her posts.


Prayers for her and the family.




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