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Tried to post and got an upsetting comment from CSN

Sisters three
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Joined: Nov 2012

I had a bad diagnosis day and spent 15 minutes typing about 6 paragraphs to you ladies and then got this message from CSN.


The trimmed version of your post shows what your post looks like when promoted to the main page or when exported for syndication.

I think all of us knew this wasn't private but EXPORTED FOR SYNDICTION???????

What are they trying to tell us with this comment??????? I deleted it and will just suck it up until I figure out what they mean by that!

Lisa in a tizzy

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Did you ask admin?  When I posted something to them, I got an immediate acknowledgement.

Sisters three
Posts: 165
Joined: Nov 2012

no answer yet....maybe I will just keep things very short and sweet until I hear what the issue is.

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Double Whammy
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Lisa, are you ok?

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Seems like many things are not quite right on this site...sorry about that message.....never saw it before.  


Hope you're okay lisa...as you sound distraght.  Post if you need some hand holding, as we're all here for you



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I'm pretty sure it just means "published" or "posted." Alot of the terminology that developers use is much more technical than we'd like. As it is identified, we try to customize it to something more appropriate.  My guess is that the only reason you got the message was length of the post, but we aren't exporting anything for syndication.  I'll ask the developer to delete that part. 

BTW, not being a technical person myself, I had to ask what "promoted to main page" meant the first time I saw it. It only means that it was posted to the first page of the  discussion topics/threads on this board.

Sorry about the site issues... :-(  

(aka Your CSN staff)

Sisters three
Posts: 165
Joined: Nov 2012

I appreciate your response to this!

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