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Hi just intoducting myself

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hI all

First of all I should warn you this will be a long post.  My kids kid my that when I send an email its like I'm writing a book

Ok I was diagnoed in March...had surgury to remove tumor from my colon and has spred to my bladder.  Surgery went very wellhad no lymph node involement...yea. Started chemo end of April.  Ended in Oct. Had radiation mid November thru Dec 21. That was end of treatment

That was the best Christmas present for me!

Not really sure if I can be considered a cancer survivor yet.  Is there a specific time after treatment.  I'm not sure of that. So thats me in a nutshell as far as my experience so far.  Just looking to connect with others.




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Welcome to the CSN!   Congatulations on finishing treatments before the Holidays!  We are a group that shares their thoughts and experiences.  Many have similar cancers and have differrent results, treatments, etc...  It is good to hear a new perspective.


We love to hear good news here.


Best Always, mike

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Welcome to our family here.  You will have to go some to out write some of our members, me included...lol.  Long posts are as welcome as the short ones.

Yes, you are a survivor...you are alive.  Being a survivor has no time limit and doesn't indicate either cure, remission or active disease.  It indicates that after a diagnosis of cancer you are still on the right side of the grass.

Wishing you a happy and healthier new year.

Marie who loves kitties


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Welcome, in answer to your question the minute you are diagnosed is the minute you become a survivor, as Marie stated as long as your on the upside of the grass you're a survivor, whether first diagnosed, in treatment, or currently in remission of some type you remain a cancer survivor.

Wonderful that your treatment ended before the Holidays!!!  Except for a short break due mostly to a heart problem I have been in treatment for over 2 years, and looking forward to maybe having a break again some day.

Welcome to the postings of some long winded ones, LOL, there are many of us that are partners in extensive writings and we look forward to welcoming another one to the fold.

Winter Marie


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very glad to heat that you are through treatment and able to enjoy the holidays.  Lots of nice folks here, and a great source of information, so hope you stick around.  Keep us posted on how you're doing as you move onto the next stage of the journey.  Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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how very nice to see you.....well that always comes with the .....so sorry you have found us.....but anyway....you are here and we  are very very glad to recieve you


feeling normal is very tricky.....feeling okay and ready to move on just depends on time I think and how your body is recovering from treatment...


welcome welcome to this forum of kind loving smart folks.....know that you can fine a home here.....best love




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Welcome Unicorn!

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Welcome to the board.  If you consider your post long, you are mistaken.  Sometimes we need to express ourselves in more than just a few words, sentences or paragraphs and all posts are welcome.  The more detail you give us, the more we know about you and your situation so don't ever hesitate to post, long or short.  Yup you're a survivor just like the others have said.  Sounds like things are going in the right direction for you.  So glad you were done with everything already.  You only have to look forward to moving forward.


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you will read alot of great info here. congrats on finishing chemo & having a good Christmas



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