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finally got chocolate back

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Well, i am about 2 years post treatment. many thanks to all that post here for their help in my fight. I am pretty much back to normall with a few exceptions.

 the reason for this post is that i recently got chocolate back. my taste buds slowly returned after treatment, but choclate just kept tasting like dirt. i just could not

eat it. most everything was back soon after treatment but chocolate just wouldn't clear up for me. i would try a piece of the stuff every couple of weeks anyway because i kept hoping. and to my supprise about three weeks ago choclate came back all at once. how strange is that!!  any way, i have been on a chocolate binge now for three weeks, making up for lost desserts.

 lol !    So if you have a favorite item that hasn't tasted the same since treatment, don't give up, just keep checking, it may just be slow to return.

gotta run, i am off to find a hershey bar and a chocolate shake to wash it down with.!!!  best of luck to you, Tony

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It took me about four years on chocolate.  No idea why as everything else had returned to normal long before.



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Awesome Tony..., like you I have mentioned many times that it took nearly two years to get my taste completely back.

For me it was Ice Cream, LOL...

I could taste the first bite or so, then it would go away. Like you I kept trying and eventually my taste buds gave in and let me have it back.

Best ~ John

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Pam M
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I got chocolate back earlier than the average club member here (I got many tastes back pretty quickly), but it was one of the later things for me, too.  Like John, I struggled with ice cream (of course, especially chocolate), and other cold foods.  Now, three years out, I think the only thing that I can't fully taste is Corn Pops cereal (yep - those of you as old as me know they're really Sugar Pops).  I'm starting to think they changed the recipe at some point.

For those of you anticipated chocolate: I did notice that my ability to taste "correctly" varied with different brands.  Funny, I can't recall which ones ranked where now.

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Nice update, gives me something to look forward to in 2 years (just kidding).  Extremely happy to hear your report.


It is easy to list the things which taste normal “nothing”.  Fortunately for me I do get a hint at chocolate taste and enjoy the creamy feel, but ice-cream is out (virtually nothing).


The only real food which has mostly normal taste is “sweet corn”, why I don’t have a clue.


I am just grateful to be back with the eating (smoothies for 7 month).


I will be looking forward to food (taste) surprises as they come.





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Smile....Like you, I test chocolate every week, to see if it's back.  I can taste it a little, but for the most part it just turns into a nasty looking paste in my mouth....not to mention it seems to coat my lips making me look like a 3 year old...


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gotta try to laugh as much as you can. You got me on this one with your description of what usually is a delightful experience into one that sounds rather unsightly and hardly pleasurable. Not exactly waiting for the day when I report my first food ingestion experience...




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