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gray dosage

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Anyone know if 53.6 grays (total for treatment) is a large dosage?

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This seems to be a fairly common dosage for 6 weeks of treatment in Stage 1 or 2 tumors.  I had a total of 54 gys and was on the fence between a 1 and a 2.  From everything I've read, 59 gys is maximum.

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I had 57 gys and was stage IIIa.


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I could not tell you what my dosage was.  I was strictly relying on my doctor'e expertise.  This reading means nothing to me since I am not a doctor.  I am 4 years post treatment.


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I had 5040, not the max at 5400.  I was stage 2, (the internal tumor stage 1) no lymph involvement.  They counted some external growths in order to come about at stage 2. 

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