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Strange following breathing treatments

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I will repeat myslf partially for newbies and/or those like me with Chemo Brain.  After 13 years post treatment I encountered several pretty rough side effects.  The first to show up was my chin went totally numb followed by numbness from my right ear all the way down my lower jaw.  When I say numb I mean that in the past three years my dentist has not had to use novocain to work on teeth on that side of my mouth.  I also have the numbness going about half way down the front of my throat.  I've accepted this and am moving on.  Recently I started having multiple cases of pneumonia so my GP sent me to a pulmonary specialist.  He found excessive scar tissue and a couple of nasty germs and decided to start me on a nebulizer with Dulera ( a steroid).  Now the strange part.  Whenever I use this machine all of the numb nerves start to tingle and only the numb ones.  It lasts about 5 minutes after the treatment and then goes back to being numb,  I actually like it bacause it feels good to have feelings, even temporary ones, where I have been numb for so long.

Just another strange event in the life of a survivor.

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Amazing little things, aren't they?  Do they really know why they work on so many things...I wonder.  Do you suppose they are waking up the nerves little by little?  I do know that nerves do have a way of regenerating, or they are able to kind of re-route themselves...it does make you wonder if between their own abilities and the steroids, if the process is being speeded up. 

I had a dog who couldn't pee due to nerve damage in the first joint of his tail....it took four years of Vit B complex, and very low key exercise.....and the problem started to diminish...then he quit having a problem all together....took a long time, I know...but still.

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Strange is always entertaining. And strange can be informative to some. Every story has its place and will help someone. Rick.

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Hi Denny...

Maybe it has something to do with the delivery..stimulating the nerves or something...

I'm sure the change is good as you stated, new (old) sensations wakened.

Best ~ John

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