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Mom checkup in January - hoping for sustained second remission

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Hello all,

I'm new here! My mom was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer in October 2009 at 69 yrs, had successful surgery and chemo and remission for 2.5 years with CA125 below 10. Recurrence in May 2012 with only one small tumor, went through carbo/taxol series and it vanished and CA125 went below 10 again- Dr. proclaimed a second remission, She is going for next checkup in early January - we are praying for a sustained second remission. She had great success with carbo/taxol twice - when it recurs again (we know its likely) can she have carbo/taxol again as it was successful? Excelllent Dr. and medical center so we trust his judgement. Any stories about second remissions or more than two uses of carbo/taxol welcome! God Bless all here - and a healthy 2013.

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Thank you for sharing your mom's story with us.  Your mom is living proof that stage 4 can be successfully managed, with even periods of remission.  I'm on my first remission/NED (no evidence of disease) and had only one use of carbo/taxol, so I can't share any personal stories but I'm praying that you and your mom enjoy a healthy and happy 2013!


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