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Christmas accomplished

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We had a very nice Christmas yesterday.  I got out the China and silverwear we got for the wedding.  I was determined to make some memories.  My son and daughter came, David's brother, mother and close friend were also here.  It was the first time I really cooked since all of this happened and the food was great.  I pumped David with fluids the night before so I could unhook him from some of the machinery so he could seem more normal.  His brother took him in the wheelchair through the front yard so he could come upstairs.  David sat at the dinner table with everyone even though he ate like a mouse and sat in the livingroom and opened presents and talked.  It seemed like he was up forever, but in reality it was four hours.  Everyone could tell he was getting tired so they excused themselves.  All in all it was a good day.  It's still hard to think that may have been my last Christmas with him and I could tell it was hard on his mom too.  We just decided to make the most of the time we have now.  We are still praying for the miracle though.

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Ingrid K
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Vivian, I am constantly amazed at what a strong woman you are.  I do not know if I could have pulled that off.  You are amazing.  And we will continue to pray for a miracle.  They do happen and we have to believe.  Never give up hope.

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I am so happy to hear that you and David were able to share Christmas together as a family !  I also love to use our China at special occassions....good for you.  This put a smile in my heart, I hear the love in your words and could almost imagine you all around the table.  Thinking of David and you Vivian !    Katie

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Oh Vivian....you provided a great Christmas day for everyone involved.....wonderful!!  You are an amazingly strong woman.  I too....am hanging on to the prayer of a miracle....I truly believe they happen. 


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You and David deserved a joyous holiday. I also had a good Christmas. Rick.

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I am so happy it worked out well.  Hoping for the best.



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Christmas memories for all involved...

Sounds like you made it a wonerful time for all Vivian.

I know it's has got to be extremely hard, hang in there, never give up, and keep a positive mind.

Thoughts, prayers, hopes, dreams and miracles...


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Thank you for sharing your special Christmas. You are amazing.

I quote my friend Bruce, from the Colon Board, "Never, ever give up".



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God bless you Vivian. You are still always in my prayers/


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So glad you got to bring him home to celebrate Christmas. Is he able to now recover at home? Just as important as medical science is, being able to bring him home and celebrate with his loved ones is good medicine also. Happines, seeing what and who is around him can only increase his will to fight and do whatever it takes to live for as long as he can. I am in the same boat with my diagnosis, and I can tell you having my loved ones around me gave a huge boost to my attitude and will to fight the good fight.

I hope to read more posts from you like this in the new year.

God Bless!!


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I'm so happy that you were able to celebrate Christmas with David and both of your families in your home. I too am praying that this treatment works and that you will have many more Christmases together.
For some reason I haven't been able to get on this site for a few days and I've been praying for you constantly and hoping David was able to come home.
Please continue to keep us posted,

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