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Penis Cancer in the House!!

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Sorry about the subject line, you gotta have some humor and laugh otherwise you sit there and cry.

Kind of excited I found this forum.  Early this year I discovered I had penile cancer.  Yeah, tell me about it.  Anyways, had four surgeries, including a circumcision, then a full penectomy, then surgeries to remove nodes that had cancer in them.  This was followed by four pretty heavy rounds of Chemo.  Completed the chemo and get a cat scan and a pet scan that shows up NED.  So I'm stoked right, I mean I beat it and got it out of my body.

Fast forward to the Cat scan I did last week; as they said in the movie Poltergeist......"They're back".  My doctor confirmed that the cancer is back in my nodes.  They did some biopsy on me and are basically sending out my biopsy to see if I'm a match for some new testing.  If thats not an option well then I'm looking at heading to Sloan in NYC and see what they can do.  I asked the doctor, if I didn't do anything how long do I have, 6 months to a year.

I'm not bitter, I'm not even angry, I'm mostly concerned for my wife and my daughter.  Thing is the doctor told me it was an option for me to decide not to do anything since my cancer is so rare and enjoy my life and hit my bucket list basically.  Problem is my bucket list includes everything with my wife and my daughter.  With that said, I'm waiting for my results after the first of the year, I will not be giving up, I have too much to live for, too many things that I want to do and see still.  I'll do my best to see this cancer is out of my body.....and along the way give support here and look for it as well.



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I am sorry to hear that you cancer is back.  My husband has Primary Plasma Cell Leukemia and we have had the same talk with his hematologist.  It is a tough thing as the treatment makes you unable to enjoy your life, but without the treatment there would be no life to enjoy.  It is such a hard decision.  My husband is 47 and led a very clean lifestyle and he still deals with this monster.  My heart goes out to you and your family.

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Just wondering how you are doing.  My husband is going through the same thing?

Hope you're well.

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