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Treatment scheduled for tomorrow

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Christmas was so nice because I felt pretty good and was able to enjoy the family. This was especially true with the grandbaby celebrating her first Christmas. Everyone is gone and now it's back to reality...treatment tomorrow.  Does anyone else dread it! Oh well I have to tell myself it keeps me going so I can celebrate life's great moments. I pray everyone is okay.  Jeff

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Hi Jeff

In the same boat as you.

I usually take Xeloda pills (5fu) every day, but skipped yesterday and today so I could enjoy more variety of food and actually had a few beers and a glass of wine.

But, back to Xeloda tomorrow and go in to the hospital/cancer center for a treatment of Avastin. so, back to the "new normal" tomorrow just like you.

I'll be thinking of all those who are geting their christmas treatments on Wednesday.


Prayers and well wishes to all.




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Smile  Jeff, I thnk we all dread treatment day..

Sounds like today was good.. so just think about today tomorrow..

Hang in there. Donna

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All on board with you too
My oncologist should be calling with liver plan brain tumors surgery followup.
Should be interesting.
Another surgery? Just wondering and hope to sleep.
Managed to maintain my emotions during the day but had my moments.
This board of kind understanding people help me so much....
Thank you and peace, love and closure this blessed season.

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