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Started Treatment

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So I started treatment last Thursday.  Got my chemo connected and started radiation.  Chemo came off yesterday.  I was very excited to get rid of my leash.  I must have caught on every door knob handle in this house.  The home nurse came out to remove it.  She had to redress my picc site as well.  She had to leave me half dressed to go find the proper bandage.  Upon her return, she got everything in order and then left again.  Two hours later I was in the bathroom and thought I felt something damp on my arm.  I pulled the arm of my robe down and saw that my bandage was soaked in blood.  She had forgotten to close my line.  Oops!  Very messy.  My husband did the flushing process and then the nuse came back to once again redress the wound.  Crazy day!  My daughter was baking cheesecake in the kitchen while the nurse, my husband and I sat at the kitchen table doing our thing.  So strange.

I've been feeling pretty good but have been tired.  I walk up the stairs and notice my heart pounding or if I get up and do something for too long a period I get the cold sweats.  My appetite has been good though.  That has surprised me.  The only thing that taste dang awful right now is coffee.  I usually drink two cups in the morning but now it just has a very odd taste to it for me.  Today I'm struggling with an awful headache.  I thought maybe I was't drinking enough water but the color of my urine is light yellow so I think I'm good on that.  You guys are all so strong.  I feel like a whimp in comparison.  I keep telling myself take it a day at a time, but I know what's coming so I find it hard to not get depressed. 

My daughter and husband traditionally ski on Christmas day.  I live in Park City so my daughter has grown up on skis.  They went out today while I made bread pudding and napped.  Do you get used to feeling off after a while.  I've always been so healthy so even this little bit of blahs is really throwing me off. 

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

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Merry Christmas! I am glad that you got through the first week. I remember having my first round of chemo disconnected on Christmas eve, a bitter sweet memory. I am wondering if your headache could be related to caffeine withdrawal? I remember that strange taste in my mouth.

That feeling of exhaustion may be with you for awhile, but in time you will get your energy back! Be patient with yourself. You are doing well. The next few months are going to be about getting the cancer out of your body. By Spring, you will feel so much better! You really will. We all have felt the whole range of emotions that you will experience and nobody is stronger than you! You know that, I am sure. For now, enjoy letting your family care for you and let their love for you seep into and heal every cell in your body. All will be well.
Hang in there. Get plenty of rest and be at peace. One day at a time, each day closer to being cancer free. You can do this!
You are in my prayers.

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If coffee is the only thing so far that tastes "off," then I'd say that's good.  My taste buds went wonky on me too.  I often tasted "metal" when I ate certain foods.  If that happens to you, switch to plastic utensils--it helps.  The fatigue is quite normal, but I can relate when you say that's just not normal for you.  I'm typically an energizer bunny, but chemo knocked me for a loop in the energy department.  Keep up with the fluids and eat well while you can, as that may change.  Protein is one thing you need to get enough of right now.  Hang in there--you're off to a great start!

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Sounds like you are doing really good. Sorry to hear about the dressing mess up. I'm sure that was scary..like you need scary right now, right? I kept a good appetite too. I weighed the same on my first and last day of treatmentS. I consider myself active. I walk in our neighborhood, teach Sunday School and Director of our church VBS and work full time and have a large family so I understand the blahs. I quickly learned that it is ok to rest and say no. Im 17 days post treatment and doing good. I'm healing nicely and you will too.

Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and rest often.

Much love



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Your story was the first one I read when I got diagnosed.  It was so helpful.  I was wondering about the chemo effects?  Do they end when the chemo comes off or did they continue for you.  Mine came off Christmas Eve.  I have felt so good the last couple of days other than a headache.  My appetite for foods hasn't changed too much. I have dropped a couple of pounds because I'm not eating as much, but I'm shocked at the things I'm able to eat.  I have a couple of sores on my lips and in the back of my throat.  Today I took one nap and feel fine going in to the evening.  I expected to feel so much worse.  I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, or at least so far.  I had my fifth radiation treatment today and I'm starting to feel it.  They took labs today, and I'm almost positive that will come back okay given how good I feel.  

I did have a little surprise yesterday.  They had taken a bunch of blood work for a spot on my liver for a disease called hemeochromatosis.  My chemo doc gave me positive results yesterday.  At least it't not cancer which was my biggest fear.  Apparently my body hangs on to too much iron.  Once my cancer treatment stops he says we will address that.  It will require me going in weekly for bloodletting for possibly a year or more depending on how my body responds.  It can be life threatening so I was happy that they found it.

Thanks for the encouragement. Smile 

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