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Different Models of CyberKnife

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Does anyone know if there are different models of CyberKnife and what they are?  I am considering it and would like to know what model the facility I am going to be is using.  I think this is a reasonable question.  Any thoughts??


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There are various companies that manufacture equipment that delivers SBRT, Cyberknife is one of them. There are others as well, Novalis being one........Suggest that you goggle SBRT.

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Here's a link to a list of currently marketed SBRT devices:



Here's a link to a fairly recent NIH published paper which summaraizes the differences between the major SBRT Technologies:



Note that the comparisons made are not limited to use of SBRT w/PCa. 


The 3 primary manufacturers of SBRT techology are currently CyberKnife (Accuray), Novalis Shaped Beam and Body Gamma Knife.





There are others (as indicated in the list) but CyberKnife, Novalis and Gamma Knife and the ones I heard about most often when I started looking into this and CK was the one the one that I heard about most frequently.

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Thanks.  I will look at these web sites.



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