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Oh what a night!

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Well, my Christmas Eve was nice up until the part where my sister had to take me to the ER.  I'd been out of breath and had a bad pain in the upper part of my right chest.  After a CT Scan they found another blood clot in my right lung, so kept me over night for observation.  When the doc came in this morning I told him "The night is over, write the discharge orders!"  I was home by 10:30, but by then was too tired to make thebrunch I'd planned for my folks.  Instead we opened our presents and spent the morning quietly enjoying each others company.  Over all, it was a good Christmas and certainly much better than last year.

I hope that you all are enjoying a wonderful holiday full of lve and joy.



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dear ray,

My holiday is full of love and joy, thanks for the kind wishes for us all, at a scary time in some senses for you. 

the reality and challenging nature of our illness does not stop , even for xmas. you have handled it so well. I hope you  stay well, i hope we all do. Its the time for miracles.



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Having spent one Christmas in the hopital myself, I have to say it's not the cheeriest place to be.  Merry Chriistmas!  AA

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I'm glad you made it home for Christmas day but it stinks you had to go to ER the night before. This cancer stuff is so unpredictable. We were on our way yesterday to Indianapolis but only a few miles down the interstate I got the worst pain and we had to turn around and skip our trip.  Pray you stay well.  Jeff

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Wink Oh Doc, sorry to hear your Christmas Eve wasn't so great.. and Christmas plans had to be altered.. I am glad you are ok to be home though.

Hang in there buddy.. The New Year is coming with all sorts of good things..

Take care and take is easy..Donna


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So, what did they do about the blood clot? I'm sure glad you got to gome home for Christmas Day.

I've been calling the hospital my second home for 9 days now, as they sort through my husband's maladies. It felt so strange on Christmas Eve to go home alone, the first time in 40 years without us driving around looking at all the lights. Hoping he can come home in the next few days.

Wishing you a much better New Years Eve.




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All we're doing about the clot ight now is taking Warfarin to reduce.  I've wondered why they can't go in and lase it then suction it out.  Something I'll have to ask the onc about.

Funny thing is that the worst part of the whole experience was when they wanted a urine sample.  After five hours without anything to drink and no IV fluids, they wanted me to pee in a cup and if I couldn't they were going to put in a cath.  Great incentive there!  Fortunately, I was able to eek out a small sample, but it was enough for the tests.

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sorry you had to be in the hospital. glad you got out for Christmas & that you adjusted to new plans & had a good time.



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double post

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Hope you are feeling much better.
I was lucky to make it home for Christmas.
It's such a gamble at times.....
Glad you made it home and hope you are feeling some respite...

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