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Bucket List

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I just read an article about this 47-year-old woman in England with terminal bowel cancer and 6 months' prognosis, who posted her “bucket list” on Facebook. With the help and donations from friends and strangers she is going through her list, which included things like: Go to music festival, Learn to salsa, Limo ride with champagne, Visit parents in Cyprus, Go skinny-dipping in the sea, Go on African safari, Ride in hot air balloon, Photo shoot with her 2 daughters, etc.


  • If you were to compile such bucket list, what would be on it?
  • Do you think that making it public and soliciting donations (kind of like wedding registry) is acceptable?


PS. I have no intention of upsetting anyone, it’s a hypothetical question.

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Merry Christmas Alexandra,
* I have always done various things on my bucket list and never wanted to wait for retirement or illness to do the things I wanted to do or see. I still have places I would want to visit and snorkel and my hope would be I would have my family and special friends joining me in the adventure.
* in the USA we have organizations that help make dreams come true (usually one). Such as Make a Wish Foundation. These organizations are set up to keep scammers out. I personally don't think a private party should ask for donations from strangers on Facebook or any other networking location. Note there also may be some tax ramifications associated with collecting donations. Just one opinion.

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Glad to be done
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Merry Christmas Alexandra....  I have a bucket list nd have since before I was diagnosed.  Mine is very simple.  I always wanted to see Neil Diamond in concert and 5 yrs ago my husband bough 10th row floor seats for our 10th anniversary...  It was the best concert I have ever been too....

Remaining on my bucket list are a trip to Hawaii and swimming with the dolphins.  I have been very lucky.  I also had on my bucket list owning a black cadillac cts and my husband bought that for me and picked me up at the hospital in it after my hysterectormy...  I named her Cassandra.


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I have never made a bucket list. However, I would like to learn Spanish. Maybe by getting some instructional videos. I would like to visit Puerto Rico with my husband. Lastly I would like to take classes in sign language at the local university. I guess making a list like a registry is ok but I do not see how one can veify that the stranger making the list is really one with terminal cancer unless a nonprofit agency does the verifing and insures the giver the donation will be used to fullfill the giver's desired persons bucket list.

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But if I ever became terminal, I would want to go back to thailand and live out my final days there.  We lived there for 3 years and our life was so much simpler there.  I would want to live out my final days by the sea, eating the food I love and around the people we came to love. 

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Hi Alexandera!  I had two list;thefirst no longer counts.  The other is to buy back my Granda Pa's old house in the East Texas woods.  Have all six my kids, my nine(so far) grand kids, with a few new one's on the way and a new born to rock on that old cow hide rocker of his and rock the babies all night while I listen to the old voices and sounds of my childhood.  To me , that would not only be the ultimalt bucket list...but Heaven also.  Best, debrajo

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Hi Alexandra

My bucket list (which I've had for many years even before my ovca diagnosis) is quite simple.......

I want to go and live with the Orangutans in Borneo for a couple of months, this is a dream I am hoping to turn into a reality next year!!!

However, hopefully I will have many years left to do lots of other things toooooo :)))))

As for people posting their 'lists' - WHY NOT!

Wishing all my Teal sisters, their family and friends a very happy New Year.

Michelle xxx

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 Bucket list post.  I honestly don't have things I want to do. I just want to be here long enough for my boys to grow up. They are only 9 and 5, and it kills me to have to imagine dying and how they are gonna feel and how they will have to live without me. I just wish to at least be here until they are men and I know they can take care of themselves.

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2timothy1 7
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I agree with you Shannon. I have 3 teenagers.  if someone had asked me before I was diagnosed for a bucket list, I would have rattled off a whole bunch of things. Those things just arent that big of a deal to me now. 

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This is the bucket list I came up with after my diagnosis: 

1          Ride cable car

2          Train trip

3          Attend Oprah show

4          Sing karaoke

5          Publish something

6          Attend Ellen show

7          See Alan Jackson

8          Fall madly in love

9          Go to Italy

I did see Alan Jackson in July 2011.  Of course I can never go to the Oprah show now.  I live 70 miles from San Francsico and have never been on a cable car; weird.


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