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Have a safe and forward looking holiday.

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Be grateful for your friends and family (both on and off line) and that you have a reasonable chance to beat this beast.  Even though it seems that my reaction to the RADS have manifested themselfs much earlier than others have reported (Only four treatmemts and the back of my throat already feels like hamburger and drinking water makes it worse) I feel really grateful for the chance to live out my life with my wife and really apppreciative for all the on-line friends I have met here.  You folks need to know that for many, many people you are a life line whose inportance cannot be overstated.

I came here in September frightened out of my mind with no idea which way to turn or what was to happen to me and my family.  With compassion and sometimes tough love (Yes, Matt I mean you) you guys manage to get us through the indecisiion, fear and expectations so that we can function and travel the necessary road.  So, If I were to have only one holiday wish, it would be for each and everyone of you to feel the love and gratitude that those of us you have helped feel for you all.


Thank you and God Bless.


Joe Cortney

Dallas, TX


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May your new year be blessed with good health and long life....

Unfortunately, the first few months will suck in many ways, LOL... (I can laugh because I have been there).

But you'll get through it, and actually will have gained some insight that many that haven't traveled your road will never understand.

Best ~ John


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I think your statements hit the nail on the head !  This group of people are fantastic !  Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy 2013 !   Katie

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Just wanted to post some encouragment for you since you are going thru radiation now. My husband and I saw the ENT surgeon for a post radiation visit( we finished radiation right before Thanksgiving) . He scoped  the back of his throat and all was clear( we have our first CT scan in Jan and PET scan in Feb so still anxious about that) but on way home we stopped at a restaurant/bar and had a toast to health. The owner of the establishment asked what we were celebrating and when we told him he pulled back his collar and said he was treated 6 years ago for same cancer, Tonsil/BOT.  He is doing awesome but went through a tough time for first year.

It was one of those random moments in life that really aren't that random. He inspired and touched us and it was strange that we just happened to run into him.  He fought hard and he won. You too, will do the same. Keep your eye on the prize as they say.


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Merry Christmas.


Tough love?  I always thought of myself as a pussy cat (see Justine in picture with me).  I know how much help John (and other “wise ones”) were to me and hope I can repay the favor to others as you.  I know the side effects of treatments can be extremely cruel, but I always hope the “Matt effects” are truthful and pleasant enough.  As jokie (not a word) as I get, I feel nothing but compassion for every thread I participate in.


Remember drinking water is taken seriously around these parts.  Have a Merry (swallowing and hydrating) Christmas.  I think I feel your love (I sure can’t taste it).


Best of the best,



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Grateful indeed!!! Thanks to all who share and encourage on this site. I was also very frightiented and  just didnt know what to do. What I have found here has been right on. Support, encouragement and knowledge that only comes from having been there. Thank you.


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