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Merry Christmas from snow covered Virginia

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Dear Friends,

Yes, Virginia...there is snow...lol...at least in the northern most part where I live.  It is our first white Christmas in a long time.  We got about 3 inches of the fluffy stuff.

I hope that each of you has a Merry Christmas with family and friends.

May peace and happiness be yours.


Marie who loves kitties

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Merry Christmas to you Marie......we usually are buried in the white stuff at this time of the year but our snow is just a couple of inches so far....



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Merry Christmas, Miss Kitty and everyone else!  We had a light dusting of the white stuff here at the house, but it was all nice and white one the houses and lawns where I woke up this morning!  May this Christmas bring you all happiness and peace and very warm wishes for a very happy New Year!



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from warm, wet and humid sydney.

your post reminds me of the snow covered germany i left behind , only a week ago.

I hope you have a joyous xmas, i hope we all do!



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I wish I was in sydney, it's a place I've always wanted to visit.  Especially when it's summer there!

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and to everyone else here at CSN!  We got rain (surprise!) here in Seattle, despite the promise of snow in the forecast.  Enjoy your white Christmas!  Ann Alexandria

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The week leading up to christmas has been hot. My flat faces west and I get sun from early morning. I have a thermometer in my living room and it has been around 36-38 c all week ,even at eleven at night. I am having trouble sleeping. I spent christmas day alone,by choice and with the fan blasting tried to catch up on some sleep. ron.

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Wow that is about 100 degrees F. Send a pic of the Xmas trees.

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We are seeing our first white Christmas since 1926!  I know 37 years ago it snowed on Christmas Eve - we married on the 23d and went to the big city of Little Rock for our honeymoom!  A whole hour and half from the huge metropolis of Possum Grape!  We woke up with snow on Christmas Eve!  Our weather man actually had to "add" a white circle to his weather map because we've never been under a BLIZZARD warning!  It is cold!  It is windy!  Luckily we heat with gas so if power goes off we can still stay warm!


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to you and your whole family. We are suppose to get a big snow tomorrow morning.  Maybe my treatment will be cancelled.  If it gets cancelled probably won't get it until after the new year. Jeff

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Wow .. only saw a dusting here in Jersey by me..

would have really loved a white Christmas!..

Merry Christmas!

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I hope you had a very Merry Christmas there in Virginia.  Here in California, we have the liquid equivilent of your snow, lots and lots of rain!!

Merry Christmas dear friend.

Winter Marie

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Just kidding. Snow is a foreign word in Phoenix. Mostly overcast and in the 50's here.

Spent the day at the hospital with hubby. "Jack In The Box" for Christmas dinner. That was a first. LOL  Son & Grandson visited for a while and hubby & I talked to JBG on the phone.

Hope all had a nice holiday.



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And no snow here just outside Toronto.  But a big storm is a-coming from the USA east coast later today!

I hope 2013 is great for all of you!


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Merry Xmas -belated from southeastern Virginia. No snow!

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Well Marie dear, I guess I'm going to be able to trump your three inches of snow - it looks like we're going to get a snowstorm tonight with a forecast of 8" to 12" of the white fluffy stuff.  I've decided that I don't want to adventure outside for the drive to work tomorrow, so I'm just going to curl up in my nice warm blanket and sleep in for a change.  And with any luck the electricity won't go out and I won't freeze to death (for a Yankee, I HATE the cold!!).  Why couldn't my ancestors have settled on a lovely tropical island with palm trees??  But nooooo.....    :) 

Wishing everyone a peaceful and healthier New Year.

All my best,



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I have been watching the weather as it moves east and saw that your area was to get hit hard.  While Christmas day was nice here and the snow on the streets melted enough for easy travel, we did get 3 more inches today...but that still makes you the winner in the white stuff!

Glad that you have decided to stay in safe and sound...hope you have lots of blankies just in case...can't have you freezing as we need you here with us.

I grew up in Virginia and had a goodly share of snow.  Then I moved to Florida for about 7 years, and I will tell you I will take the cold and snow over hurricanes any day. lol

Please stay safe and have a warm toddy to chase away the cold.

Peace and love to you,

Marie who loves kitties

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I can see snow up in the mountains but we seldom have it in town.  Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We did and it was great having all the family get together.  We had a white Christmas and it was beautiful as always but now it can go away and stay away.  Hate getting out in the cold and snow.  Christmas is my favorite Holiday.


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