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Im happy for my dad ...and you too.

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Good morning all...I have been a member of this board since july 2011, since my dad was  diagnosed with nsclc,squamous cell in may of 2011.since then he has underwent chemo-carboplatin and taxol with 39 rad treatments to mediastinum and right lower lung.he did develop a 8mm lytic lesion on his l5-s1 sacral area, which he had radiation for and the area is now not active.I am happy and hopeful for my dad.Its been a rough year and half, as  it has for you and your families.

I am thankful this day that you are all able to help me, and each other through these  times.You are very strong..more than you may even realize.I at one point in the beginning, didn't think I would have my dad this Christmas, but......he is here.......there is hope....always.

I wish for you all peace  and  comfort.Happiness with your family and friends.Merry Christmas....Kado.

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So wonderful to hear positive stories.  Thank you. 

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