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salivary gland cancer

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Is there anyone who was recently diagnosed or had a recurrence of salivary gland cancer?


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Hello there !

I'm assumming you've been dx'd with adenoid cystic carcinoma ?  Mine was dx'd last yr....and I had a radical neck resect. back last December.  (Mine was in the right submandiblar gland) I had perineural invasion and suspious for mets to the lungs.  So I'm still in treatment.  I have a couple other resources for you that are excellant informative sites specific for ACC or ADCC.  www.accoi.org and their sister site www.accrf.org.  I know this will be alot to absorb take your time with it and ask questions of us here and there.  You can beat this thing I intend too !  Others will pop in for inspiration I'm sure !  Make sure your doctor is one that knows about this specific dx....you'd be surprised how many aren't.   Katie   

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I was diagnosed with AdCC in October of this year. I have had two surgeries, one to remove gland and second was a selective neck dissection. What came out was the right submandibular gland (whole gland consumed with disease. 3.4cm tumor) and 3 lymph nodes. The Nodes were neg for AdCC. The second surgery was to remove fat bed gland was nesting in, some muscle and 27 more lymph nodes. All material removed during second surgery tested neg.

Details; stage II n0 m0 with limited perineural spread. Meaning they did see it on nerves within gland but didn’t see it on any nerves outside gland.

Today I finished 7 of 33 radiation treatments.



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