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Marry Christmas

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Just wishing you all the best as many of you continue in your fight with Cancer into the New Year. Life is a struggle and fight but it can be won, never give up and keep your focus on being a survivor.  


I just finished HBO treatment Friday; it did not do what the doctors had hoped it would do but there was a lot of other good it did do. Sometimes we just have to be thankful for the little things.


My prayers for you all God bless

Tim Hondo

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To you, your wife and family Tim....

Hoping that the new year will Bless you with good health and well being.




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Merry Christmas friend.  I hope it is a blessed one for you.

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Life has threw quite a few of us some zingers....you have from the beginning for me a light burning bright that I kept reaching for.  You are quite a friend, thank you !  Merry Christmas, and may the new year bring us all much joy and peace of heart.    Katie

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I was just thinking today....that one year ago, I knew something was wrong, but had no clue as to what the new year was going to bring to the table.  Here I am one year later, without some unknown thing hanging over my head....happy....and grateful for all the new people in my life.....Life is a  struggle, ...but it IS good!! Smile



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Thanks for the warm thoughts.  Believe me; I needed a lot of help this past year (one for the books as they say).  I hope you have a nice Christmas too.



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Tim, and a very merry Christmas to you and your family from my family. You are a true warrior, and your continued posts, albeit not very often these days is still very motivating and inspiring for me.

Not sure what your last treatment was, but I know you find the good and positive in everything you do.




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At some point earlier this year I even doubted I could be here to celebrate this day. And here I am, in good health. Merry Christmas to all of you, my friends! I really had to take a few minutes from my real family on Christmas morning and check in with my CSN family. Hondo, Mike, Matt, Phrannie, John, Vivian, Kate.. all my favorite people are here! :)


Big hug.




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We are glad you are here as well Dre... Merry Christmas


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A great thread to celebrate the holidays with our new peers and friends. We could have never predicted the events of the past year. Wonder what challenges next year will bring. Rick.

Kent Cass
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Tim, and all- a Merry Christmas to you all- AND MANY MORE TO COME.



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