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How Kidney Cancer Spreads to Distant Organs

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This is an interesting article:




Looks like we'll eventually be able to insert an active link however the button is "grayed-out"/inactive for now.


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Phoenix Rising
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I'm not putting down your article and I certainly appreciate all information posted in this forum, but.....

I read the article and became a little impatient with the long introduction and comparatively brief explanation for the cause of metastacism.  My oncologist told me cancer cells pass trough the body, they tend to get "stuck" in filtering organs, such as the lungs and the liver.  The cells remain there and if they are not killed or otherwise expelled, they grow.  I also believe I read that spreading to the bones and brains is related to the lymph nodes, which allows disease to pass through the bloodstream. This aricle seems more like a drug plug.... a slick means of advertising or publicizing another new drug.

What do you think of it?


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The way I interpret the article is that it's not propounding an alternative but adding to the list of necessary conditions for metastasis. 

So, the model we have of the 3 ways in which cancer spreads remains intact - by a tumour pushing out into adjacent tissues and spreading the disease by direct contact, or cancerous cells detaching from the tumour and travelling round the body in either the bloodstream or the lymphatic system as CTCs (circulating tumour cells).

I read the article as suggesting that these mechanics don't constitute sufficient conditions for metastasis.  A further necessary condition is that the cells undergo a certain change(s) that make them the culprits in metastasis and if these changes can be blocked we can stop the spread. 

Of course, I may be misunderstanding what's being said and, if so, shall be grateful to be put right.

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I thought the article was interesting because it showed research being conducted on another possible condition involved in RCC metastasis. As usual, TW did a good job of explaining/summarizing the article.

I don't think it's so much a plug for a drug as it is PR for Sloan-Kettering.

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