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Peace, Comfort & Healing to My Online Family

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I just wanted to wish each of you all (cancer patients, survivors and caregivers) a very Merry Christmas.  I know we are all from different geographic areas as well as many walks of faith, but you all, everyone of you will never know how strongly I feel towards each of you. 

So no matter where you are physcially at or your spiritual walk on this earth currently, I can't express how much I care for each and every one who comes and goes on this site and reaches often or just now and then.

Thank you to all ....I pray for healing, peace and comfort and a special prayer of peace and comfort to those who have lost loved ones and I honor those who have gone on to their rest.

I will think of you all tomorrow as family that is not with me, that I promise.


Tim & Jennifer Cogdill and our children Georgia, Kohle, West, Jace and Raylan

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To you and yours Tim....,and all others here as well.





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I propose a toast to the best online family a person can have.  Merry Christmas.

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You have continued to walk the walk....and in return have made alot of people know some how we make it through our trials.  Merry Christmas to you and that wonderful family of yours my friend !    Katie    Smile

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and the same to you and yours....I'm here at work after a great dinner with family.  It was pretty darn good, too since I could hop, skip and jump from one entre to another, keeping up with the taste fatigue....I think many folks here will be surprised that turkey with lots of gravy on it is actually GOOD!! Smile


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Thanks, that was nicely said.  Honestly, I‘ve cracked a few smiles and shed a few tears here, but feel lucky (not lucky lucky, just fortunate) to be one of your H&N friends. 


Enjoy Christmas Smile,



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and the magic of Christmas to each and everyone of you~~~I love my CSN family

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Thank you!

To our newest family:  blessings and peace and well wishes to each and every one of you.  You may be the newest members to my family, but you are definitely the ones I think about the most. 

With love and admiration...


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