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Good News

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A few good things have happened in my life.

  • I have a new grand daughter, Mia Rose. Unfortunately, she lives in the Midwest and I'm stuck in the Pacific Northwest. It is unlikely I will see her except in photos.
  • I met with my youngest son and his girlfriend. They came up to Seattle from Oregon.
  • I successfully used esophageal speech in that meeting with my son. We talked for about four hours and this was the longest use of esophageal speech so far. It did fail me from time to time; but I was able to get the esophageal speech going again.
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Merry Christmas Rick,


I am not as pretty as a grand daughter, but you can come see me (75 miles south of Portland).  Wouldn’t that be a hoot.


Congratulations on the conversation with your son.  It sounds like it would be very tiring.  It doesn’t seem like there are any easy roads from cancer.


Hope you have a nice day; it is in the mid 40’s here today.





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Where's some photos of that beautiful granddaughter?? :) :)


I'm glad you got to visit with your son ......congrats on that four hour conversation and congrats on that new grandbaby. 


Merry Christmas.



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I am glad to hear you are having some positives in your life right now.  Its nice to be around family and it must have been special to be able to speak with your son.

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Merry Christmas....and congradulations on that new grand baby.  And being able to talk is huge !  I am praying hard for a better new years for us all up and coming.  But saying this we'll take nothing for granted and continue to put one foot in front of the other.  Thinking warmest thoughts for you and your family Rick !    Katie   Cool

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Congratulations on the new baby grand-daughter...and it's wonderful that your son and girlfriend came up to visit during this holiday season.

BIG WHOO HOO....on the 4 hour conversation....and yes, no doubt it was tiring....but what a way to practice, huh?  With your son, who I'm sure you haven't had a chance to talk to much since you lost your voice.  I can SO appreciate how much it takes to learn esophageal speech...like I told you, my mom tried and tried to do it, but simply didn't have enough air to make it work for her...


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You have a computer since you post here. Learn how to use Skype. It allows video and voice calls for free over the Internet. That way you can see and enjoy your new family member real time.



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Continued prayers for you....

Happy Holidays ~ John

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That is great news. Congrats on making progress with your recovery, and don't sell yourself short on seeing that new Grandaughter.

Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year.


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