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Merry Christmas to All!

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Well, I made it to Christmas! There were times this year that I didn't think I would! I am so grateful for all the women who have gone before, who taught the doctors better ways to treat this dreadful cancer.  I'm grateful I live within a few miles of a great cancer center...2 in fact...I had a choice between 2 of the best so close to home.  I am thankful for great insurance that allows the best choices and eases the financial burdens. I'm so thankful for an awesome doctor, who is incredibly honest, but never giving up hope.  And his staff! So compassionate!  My husband has been at my side the whole way, and we are lovingly supported by friends and family all over the globe.  And I'm so glad I found this discussion board, so I can learn from all you wonderful 'sisters!'  All in all, I guess I shouldn't be surprised I made it to Christmas!  Merry Christmas to all!

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2timothy1 7
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To you as well and many more!!!

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  1. Cool

Thank you for the Christmas wish....happy healthy holidays...see you next year..Val 



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Beautiful sentiment. I feel pretty much the same way. May we all get realigned with a good quality of life and have a happy healthy New Year!
Merry Christmas to all! May the sun shine brightly for all of us, our loved one and certainly our caregivers! <3 Michele

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I wish you and your families a beautiful, peaceful and happy holiday.
May the blessings of this Christmas fill your homes and your hearts with joy, optimism, love and laughter!
May the ones who can be cured get cured. May the rest of us stay NED till they find the cure.
May our caregivers have strength and patience to put up with us.
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