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Tumor size/stage help desperately needed!!

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I have just been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma....anal cancer.  However, due to the holidays, I am having a terrible time getting in to see specialists.  So all I know right now is that I have a 4cm tumor.  From my research, I know that I am at least stage II.  I am absolutely terrified I am stage III or IV.  But I won't know for some time.  If it is not too much trouble, would anyone who doesn't mind please tell me what size their tumor was at diagnosis and what stage they ended up being?  

Thank you so much

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I'm so sorry for your diagnosis and I'm sure you are very anxious, especially since things seem to be moving slowly toward staging and treatment.  I hope that as soon as the holidays are over you can get the appropriate tests and exams, get some answers, and get started with treatment.


I am out of town and don't have my NCCN guidelines with me, so I can't give you any clear answers about the staging.  If you have no lymph node involvement and no spread to distant organs, you will most likely be a stage II, but I can't be positive about that without looking at those guidelines.  If you can log onto the NCCN.org website and register, you can check them out.  There is a lot of information there, including info on staging.  This may give you a little better idea of where you stand. 


I was diagnosed in June 2008 with an anal tumor of 2cm., which put me right on the fence between a stage 1 and 2.  I had no lymph node involvement and no mets.  I received 6 weeks of radiation and 2 rounds of chemo with Mitomycin and 5FU, which is the usual protocol.  I am over 4 years out of treatment now and am doing fine.  Most stage 1 and 2 cancers are treated very successfully and a lot of stage III tumors are as well.  I hope you and your doctors can sort this out quicly and get you started on treatment.  Please keep us posted.

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My tumor was 4.5 and I was a stage II.  I am cancer free two years dec 8th.  Enjoy the holidays knowing many people who are stage III are fine to.  

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Mine was 4 cm and I was Stage III with some lymph nodes that lit up on the PET scan.  Three months after treatment was done the PET scan was clear......

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I had a 4 cm tumor, but no nodal involement and no signs of spreading, so I was Stage II at T2MONO.  I finished my last rad tx on 5/20/09 and I have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) since that time.  Good luck with your upcoming tx and come to this site for advice, to express fears, or to vent.  We've all done it.  I think the waiting is one of the hardest things we do, but after you have finished tx, in retrospect you will see that the whole process flew by.  I know this is easier said than done, but try to take some deep breaths and enjoy this time between now and the new year, and may 2013 bring you full and complete healing.



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Sorry about your diagnosis. My tumor was larger than 4cm and I was stage 2. I'm 18 months post treatment and doing pretty well.



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Hello, I know how anxious you must be having to wait.  I was a Stage IINOMO, and my tumor was about 3.5 cms.  I completed tx on 6-30-09, and I am doing great.  This is a very curable cancer.  I hope you will get into the specialist asap, but in the mean time, know that this is very curable.  Lori

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My tumor was 5 cm, which spread to my lympth nodes and liver.  I am stage 4.  I was diagnosed in August, 2011 and have been NED since treatment.

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My tumor was just over 5cm with a slight possibility of lymph node involvement but since they were going to treat the lymph nodes with radiation regardless, there was no need to biopsy to confirm. So I was either a stage II or stage III.  So you see, there are many variables regarding staging depending on many factors.  When in doubt, I always do what Martha says. :) :)  I am 2 years NED and doing great!!

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Oh my!  I'm feeling the pressure now!  lol!  I'm glad you are doing so well and I hope you have a great New Year!

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The tumor I had was 2.5cm and slight impact to two lymph nodes. I was staged at State IIIa because of the nodes and because the tumor was up against the vaginal wall and therefore could have begun to invade it.  So I was treated very aggressively per my doctors.


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Sorry about your diagnosis. I was stage 3B, tumor was 5 cm, with heavy lymph node involvement. My doctor said she had never seen it that bad and thought I was stage 4 at first. My entire pelvis was lit up on the PET scan.  By the end of the 8-week treatment, there was no cancer anywhere, and that was 20 months ago. Stay strong and positive because this can be beaten.


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wow that is awsome

I have stage 3 anal cancer

and i have just finished radiation and chemo, I can

only pray and hope for a outcome that good.

I'm happy for you, any words of advice?

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I hope for a good outcome for you as well!  I hope you are doing well in the post-treatment phase.  Best wishes!

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We all love NED

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