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***Merry Christmas to all***

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Never give up. Suggestion: make yourself known to the VA clinic. Let them know you are not feeling
well. Suggestion: google cancer fighting vegetables, fruit. beings fruit is a type of sugar.. please eat
sparingly? Consider lots of lean meat, portion control on the carbs.. potatos/fries/chips,.

Stay active,. Get on cancer remedies, ask your family doc. for alternatives to kemo so you can have
your hair? Consider LOTS of support groups: your local hospitals, clinics, newspaper,. The more you
know/learn the longer you may live.

May you all have the best Christmas/News Years eve!!! Filled with family, friends, Military peers/family/.
Lots of gifts, healthy cancer curing cake, cancer curing refreshments,.........................

I for one and so proud of you. I helped my son when he was in JROTC program in High School. Its a
bummer that he could not be considered an Army soldier. He/they rep.ed the Army incredibly in our
community. I helped him with the fundraising part of JROTC. I felt so honored :D. It was a motivating
experience. Its disappointing he didn't receive any awards/. for all he did. For (4) LOYAL years.

Peace, tranqulity and happiness to all,

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