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My mother is now 9 days past her first taxol/carboplatin tx, and she is still in the hospital. She was on NG tube and not moving her bowels, but that has cleared, she moves her bowels now, and the NG tube is out. She is still soooooooo nausous. She was like this before the chemo too. She is keeping down clear liquids (popsicles, ginger ale, etc), and really struggling w/ foods. The protein shakes make her very sick - even just one sip and she starts gagging it back up. They are giving her IV zofran. She has not vomitted in a few days, but she gags alot. Her belly is still really distended, and she may be tapped again tomorrow for fluid. Their have been improvements, but I am wondering if anybody else has stuggled this much w/ the nausea and not being able to eat as a result of upper abdominal pressure and tumor/ascites, after treatment has begun. She feels so full. I am praying that as the chemo kicks in, things will shrink, and maybe her appetite will come back?

Her blood counts are down, so I think the chemo is starting to work. She also has a large hernia on her belly that has gotten a lot smaller, so I am thinking that maybe her tumor or fluid is not pressing on her abdomen as much? Her spirits were a little better today. I am constantly looking for hope.

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Hello Carol,
My ascites was resolved before starting chemo by tapping it twice. While I had ascites for the whole month of April I was miserable; felt full, bloated and nauseous and was not able to eat at all. I drank water in small gulps just to stay hydrated. After they tapped me for the second time (3 liters), I felt so relieved that my husband and I went from the hospital straight to our favorite seafood buffet.
Before my first chemo I was given Pms-Ondasetron 8mg (another brand name of Zofran) for nausea and it did not work. I puked my guts out for 4 days after chemo and was nauseous for another week.
For the second round of chemo I demanded to change anti-nausea meds and was given Granisetron 1mg (3 pills) and Emend 125mg/80mg (3 pills). This combination worked for me and I had no nausea and no vomiting for the remaining 6 round of chemo. They also gave me subligual Apo-Prochlorazine 10mg just in case for breakthrough nausea, but I had no need for it.
I don't know if smoking MJ is legal in Mass., but it certainly helps with nausea. So I heard...
Eating small portions of warm bland foods is supposed to help, like rice pudding, or mashed bananas. Nothing too hot or spicy.
Drinking A LOT of fluids is a must.
I hope that your mom starts feeling better soon.

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