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Hope you are enjoying your holiday with your kids. My mon and I are busy making edible fruitcake and hummingbird cakes. She is so happy that I am at home. Yesterday we had a girls day (no boys). My mom sister and I took my 4 year old niece to the children's museum, to get her nails done and out to lunch per her request. She selected hot pink fingernail polish with a blue and yellow candy cane design on her big toe. She proclaimed the day the best day ever! Anyway I thought of your daughter and your time together.

Merry Xmas!

Love Ketz

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darling girl....that sounds like the BEST day.....your niece is a very lucky little girl....love your description of the nail polish. Hubby and I made our Christmas cakes a few weeks ago.....his is very dark brown and healthy with prunes.....mine is lightly coloured and highly sugared with four tons of candied fruit. For Christmas eve we are serving a grass fed prime rib roast, Yorkshire pudding, potato gratin, and green beans with carmelized shallots.....a lemon chess pie for dessert.

I loved your food shopping post......i was able to picture loaded down with bottle of yummy rum and enough pecans to sink a ship...lol

enjoy your mom so so very much Ketzie........wishing you the very best of holidays......

hugs ....mags

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