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Error 324

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again, this morning.

Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data.

and now, slooooow like molasses on christmas day.

apparently the 'upgrade' has not addressed the site's most glaring and persistent problems at all. bah humbug.
pardon for not sounding positive about this experience...but since we're being forced to do ACS's beta testing for them, just dutifully reporting. ;-)

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Keep reporting anything you get or that you feel is wrong with the "Upgrade"...

I'm sure that the IT people are working on fixes, and Greta will put a boot in place to keep them at it. There's a few very unhappy with how things went down, and working on getting them fixed I'm sure.

I agree, the rolled out "live" version has been pretty much a bust and very disappointing to say the least.


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Posts: 341
Joined: Jul 2012

Error 324 is apparently a Chrome error, and in some cases might not reflect a server problem.
but for me, it has only ever happened with this site. and it happens here quite a bit--three times this morning.

I've also tried Firefox when the Error 324 comes up, and not been to get into the site with that browser either (though the firefox error message is different).

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I finally gave up trying to access the discussion board yesterday.  I could go to email, but to enter discussion was impossible.  I probably tried half a dozen times.  Every effort simply timed out.

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