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Blessed Holidays

miss maggie
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To all my old and new friends,

First, I wish for all of you, a blessed Christmas, and a healthy, happy, and New Year 2013.

Forgive me, it might seem I am no longer around. But, here I am. This is not an excuse. My thoughts are always, always with all of you.

Aside from being busy as all of you are. I am sure the medication for the pain in my right hip, has an effect on me. I wish I didn't have to take pain medication. I wouldn't be able to do my everyday tasks without them. Instead of having surgery in Feb 2013, I am scheduled for surgery March 12, 2013. If you can believe me, I am looking forward to having this surgery. Therefore, I would get back to my old self.

God Bless all of you. Love, love Maggie

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Hey Maggie, good luck with the surgery, the pain meds are a necessary evil..... have a wonderful Christmas....... Vinny

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Hi Maggie,

Thanks for the good wishes. I too hope everything goes well with
your upcoming surgery.

Hugs as always :),


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I also have not been back for awhile since my heart surgery in July. I was left with recurrent pleural effusions so been working on breathing and trying to get calories in. Yesterday was tap 26 and 27 for a total of 29 liters in the last 4 months. My nurse gave me the best Christmas Present she told me I was amazing! She said it was my sense of calm and acceptance, that I had a quiet presence about me, so I was happy the divine shown through. She suffers from chronic pain so I gave her some resources and a gorilla hug. My recent discovery was a technique called EFT (emotional freedom techinique) that was suggested by my massage therapist. I found an MFT who does the technique and you can do it on your own, but it's good I found to have a coach, we have had 3 sessions and each time things have shifted. Love to all of you and pray the new year brings joy.



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