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Fridge clean out

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So hubby and I decided to come home to Vermont this weekend. We arrived home after a wind storm to a house with no power (nothing unusual for the mountains in Vermont). We got our kids, cranked the wood stove, collected water from stream for flushing toilet, and snuggled in the living room all together. My mother in law offered to have us come to her house which had power....but everyone just wanted to be in our house together. I realized then how cancer has cemented our family even more together than the close knit family we were before. We lost power for 2 days and I decided to chuck the contents of the fridge. As I was cleaning it out, I realized how differently we eat now.....no more wine/beer, puddings, Kool aid, and junk. Funny because I thought we ate pretty healthily.....but it's amazing how much you learn through all this.

Cancer sucks but I see some good in it too. At least now I do anyway.


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You'll find out that cancer will bring you much closer together...and also it re-organized your ideas on what truly is important, and what's not as much...

Funny how we lose the order of priorities over the years.

Merry Christmas,

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You are right about the priorities shifting. I can't believe what I thought was so important before all of this. Cancer changes us so much.

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I too have my fireplace cranked up and going strong (but I do have power) ...I was kind of jealous reading your post....wonder what it would be like to lose power for a day or two and just have the five kids and wife haning out and playing board games till Christmas morning :) ...


Enjoy...we all see sooooo differently now.



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Being with family is the best thing in the world....and there's no place like home.  I woke up this morning with frozen pipes in the kitchen....lol....drew enough water for coffee and breakfast while the boys work on the pipes.  I agree with you...cancer changes us...and alot of times YES for the better !  Happy Holidays !    Katie

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Kirsten, so true how this disease brings family to a closeness that unless one is going through a battle such as this, only all of us know what it is like.

You could have retreated to the comfort of your moms home, but you all realized you were home, utilities working or not.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from my family.




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