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How long until chemo shrinks tumor/ascites

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It has been 7 days since my mother had her first tx of taxol/carboplatin - and no changes that I can see. Is it too early to expect anything? They drained 2 liters of fluid a few days ago, and it is back. She feels so uncomfortable - like her upper abdomen is being stretched. I guess I need to be more patient.

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I don't have an answer to when can you expect changes from the chemo, but wanted you to know that I'm sending prayers and good wishes for your mom.

Take care,

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It took me 2 weeks to start feeling any of the effects from the chemo. When they drained my ascities it came back...the Dr warned me it would and was only temporary. I don't understand why your moms Dr isn't monitoring her CA125. That is what my DR used to see if the chemo was attacking the cancer. I went from 4000 to 2000 after the first treatment. It made my 2 Drs very happy to see such a big drop. So I think you will have to be patient and maybe ask the Dr if he is monitoring her marker.
As for palliative care, don't get freaked out over that....it isn't the same as hospice. Hope your mom continues to show progress. Maybe even a Christmas miracle. Try to stay strong. Wishing you and your family a better 2013.

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I don't think anyone can answer the question "When?". It's varies from person to person depending on their overall condition, age, sensitivity to Platinum drugs, type of the tumor. Usually CA125 marker is a good indicator if chemo is working, but not for all people.
Sometimes they have to tap ascites several times; 1) because it comes back; 2) because there may be pockets in her abdomen created by adhesions and they only drained 1 pocket. I had mine drained twice before the first chemo; first 1.7 liters filled up again before I drove out of the hospital parking lot; second time (3 liters) did not come back.
I hope your mom feels better soon and I wish your family Happy Holidays. And a lot of strength and patience.


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My groin lymph node shrunk after the third chemo. I cant feel it now.

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