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New to chemo

monet lover
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I was diagnosed with Soft tissue Extraskeletal chondrosarcoma 5 yrs ago. I had a lump on my right thigh and once having it removed, months of physical therapy and 3 months of radiation I thought i was just about done with cancer.

Then we found out it had spread to my lungs. It was very slow growing then and since there were about 30 tumors between them, removing them wasnt possible. No radiation for that area. So it was chemo or med trials. Chemo had a 5-8% chance of working, so i chose med trials....leaving chemo as a last resort.

Cut to 4 yrs later, 8 bronch procedures to clean out infections in my lungs so i can breath, half dozen hospital stays including one lasting 10 days long and got a bit scary, 4 med trials that worked for awhile until they didnt (all leaving me with something fun like anemia and muscle spasms for good)....basically, a long 4 yrs, lol

Now im worse and its come down to chemo. im ok with that, as ive done everything else i could do.
I had my 1st chemo Thursday and luckily, im only 1 day of chemo to every 2 weeks, so i get a break over the holidays.

But chemo is much different than anything else ive done and im still learning the DO's and DONT's right now.
Any advice or help would be appreciated.

I'm having some nausea, but im finding the headaches to be the real problem right now...almost migraines.
Anyone know whats best for them during chemo?

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