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Where do I begin?

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Hi Friends,
As luck would have it, my realization that something is wrong is happening 2 days before Christmas. And so, I am seeking guidance during this lag period, while I wait to take action.
My situation is lymph node swelling. The ones above my breast, under my arm, under my breast. I think i feel something IN one of the nodes under my arm. I've had quite a lot of discomfort for months, where my left arm suddenly feels weak and achy, like I have an impingement. Only a month ago did I link it to my lymph nodes. Even then, I wasn't alarmed. I was given basic training (years ago) by a homeopath to drain lymph nodes, and so I began doing so, started detoxing through diet, etc. I still am hopeful it is as simple as fluid retention after having a couple viruses. But my gut says something is wrong, and action is needed now.
The question I'd like to ask is where to begin. I like to know exactly what to ask the doctor when I go in, exactly what tests to request (in case my Dr. misses something).
I've read that biopsy is the difinitive diagnostic procedure, but I'm guessing we don't start there. Do I start with mammogram to rule out breast involvement? Get an ultrasound of my nodes? With 3 kids, I'd frankly like to cut to the chase, with as few tests and babysitters as possible.
Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Ughh guess they did not fix the double posting issue either.. sorry

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You probably need to start with your obgyn or pcp. They all give you a prescription to get a mammogram. The initial results will go back to the doctor who will either see its nothing to worry about, but more likely will refer you to a surgeon for a biopsy.

After those results are known, you will have a good idea of what, if anything you are facing.

I hope it's nothing, but if it is, hope for the least bad news as possible.

Good luck to you

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Thank you, I will schedule with gp soon.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I had swelling in my armpit. I started with my primary doc. He sent me for a mammo, then ultrasound. The radiologist brought me in for a biopsy the next day. The process was very quick for me.

I hope it is nothing serious...but come back and let us know.



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Go visit your primary doctor would be the best place to start or your gynecologist. Make an appointment soon!

I also had a tumor in the axilla and it was found with a ct scan. I had been diagnose with breast cancer 4 years prior to finding the axilla tumor. I was treated for the breast cancer but it returned and it was considered a regional recurrence. My tumor had sucked in two nerves and the pain is what made my doctor order a ct scan. I also had 3 bouts of cellulitis which they kept telling me was normal when one had a lymph node dissection. When I was diagnose there was no option of sentinel node biopsy as it wasn't invented at that time.

Anything in the breast area is called local and when it is nearby but not in an organ such as liver, lungs, bones it is called regional. These two areas local and regional and the long term if no other distant recurrence happens usually have a great prognosis. More than 70% of women never recur.

Lymph node enlargement can be many, many things other than cancer.

Good luck to you and let us know the results.


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