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Oh how we digressed..., LOL.

A lot messed up right now...

Greta isn't happy at all..., so you can bet she's going to be hammering the IT people to fix what's messed up.

At least I got my expressions back, avatar and can reply to posts...

Not really diggin this reverse order on replies.., makes it hard to follow the trail of replies.

Stay tuned, it's going to be a rougher transition than expected from the initial preview.


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as normal i so Agree with you John, i am holding back my judgement for a while


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but on the upside...the little envelope icons are fairly cute.

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Ingrid K
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and I love the little envelope icons ! and it's a huge improvement from what it was in the wee hours of this morning. Nobody likes change so I am going to wait awhile until I make up my mind.

But I do think it is faster in general.

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LOL ! I really like the format so far.....and sounds like I missed the brunt of it. I think Matt and P have a good idea of riding it out and not remembering it. Katie

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I'm most grateful we can respond to one another...every upgrade we've ever had at work has taken a week to straighten out....so I'll be patient. I sure am glad to see the avitars back, too....Compared to last night, things are lookin' peachy today.


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Hi John,

It feels like we went through a storm, glad you are back.

The reverse order is one thing, the time stamp does not help figuring who did what and when.

I took 1 Lorazapam before getting on board so this ride is kind of fun.


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If I didn't have to go to work this afternoon, I'd get stoned with you....then we could both ride the "fun train"....


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Matt, as best I can figure out...

If everyone justs posts to the very bottom post (which are actually replies ontop of replies), the order stays sequential.

If you post to the original poster, like we did before which sent it to the bottom, now it sends it to the top, directly under the initial post..


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Wow thing sure have changed, what a way to end the old year just glad everyone is still here.


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